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Anyang City Projects

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Völlig nett zufriedengestellt mit Ihrem Service innerhalb der guten Produkte.

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Anyang City Projects

December 15, 2020
Aktueller Firmenfall über Anyang City Projects

DSTHERM INDUSTRIAL LIMITED was founded in 2004, wins good reputation through so many years hard works in the abroad markets, Dstherm becomes a famous brand among worldwide markets customers.

DSTHERM INDUSTRIAL LIMITED owned factories which focuses on manufacturing and exporting Ppr Pipe System. Its main commodities cover:

Ppr Pipe system: Including Normal Ppr Pipe(20mm-160mm), PP-RCT Pipe(20mm-110mm), Ppr UV Pipe(20mm-110mm), Ppr Fiber Pipe(20mm-110mm), Ppr Composite Pipe(20mm-110mm), Ppr-Alu-Ppr(20mm-110mm) , Ppr Aluminum Composite Pipe(20mm-110mm),Ppr Perforated Aluminum Pipe(20mm-110mm), Ppr-Fiber-Ppr-UV Pipe(20mm-110mm), Ppr Nano-Antibacterial Pipe(20mm-110mm), Ppr Copper pipe(20mm-32mm)

Ppr Pipe fittings System: Including ABC three kinds of designs,full range of fittings from sizes 20mm to 160mm. With different kinds of designs meet different customers' markets request. For more details please check our products list.
Regarding to Ppr fittings Brass inserts,we accept common brass, CW617N,DZR,Stainless Steel and so on.

Pex Pipe and Brass Fittings: which include Pex-b Pipe, Pex-Al-Pex Pipes,brass fittings, Such as Pex Fittings, Press Fittings, Compression fittings,Hose pipe fittings, Flare fittings, Solder fittings,etc.

Brass Valves:which includes Angle Valves, Gate Valve, Ball valves, Check Valves, lock valves, Bibcocks, Water tank faucets, Washroom facets.

Brass Accessories: such as Brass inserts, Brass male&female Unions,Brass Ball, Brass Valve cartridges.

Main of our products are exporting to worldwide markets range,including European countries such as Germany, Italy, France,Holland, Austria, North American Market such as America,Mexico,Columbia and so on. Middle East Markets such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Oman and so on.Asian Countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, The Philippines,Cambodia and South America such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile,Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador and so on. All of the products have enjoyed favorable reputation through high quality products and satisfied service with reasonable & competitive prices.

DSTHERM Agent is warm welcomed!
OEM&ODM Customers are accepted too.
Welcome to cooperate with us, we will be always on your side.
DSTHERM, Love Water, Enjoy Life!



Ansprechpartner: Mr. Johnson Yuan

Telefon: 86-13801911292

Faxen: 86-21-51505898

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